Freedom Forecast

“The Freedom Forecast is our collective mandate to develop BYP100’s organizational capacity, build deeply in our communities and win a Black Political Agenda that improves the lives of our people.”

– Charlene Carruthers, BYP100 Founding Member and National Director

What is the Freedom Forecast?

Created in 2018, the BYP100 Freedom Forecast: An Organizational Assessment and Strategic Plan to Move Black Liberation Forward is not your typical strategic plan. Why would it be? BYP100 isn’t your typical organization. Our unique perspectives led us through nearly 12 months of meeting, planning, interviewing, writing and debating with our members, alumni, elders and partners to set a forecast for how we can cultivate more freedoms for our people. The full report, which is over 100 pages long, is filled rich information about our process, the political moment, and an in depth analysis for how to advance the work of the organization through 2021. This poster serves as quick reference towards our core principles and pillars. Read the full report at If you are a BYP100 member, check with BYP100 staff or chapter leadership to obtain a printed copy (availability is limited).

Black Culture

BYP100 is lit! From our swag, to our chants, to our digital media presence, we fight for Black liberation and we look dope doing it. Our aesthetic celebrates Black culture across the diaspora, and draws young Black people into the work. In our organizing, we center Black joy and cultivate Black pride. We build on ancestral practices to heal ourselves and each other. We affirm the brilliance of our membership and we practice shade as a love language.

  1. Integrate the Principled Struggle into all meetings & practices
  2. Utilize the support of the Healing and Safety Council
  3. Create new mediums of Black joy through art and song (ex: Black Joy Experience, MelaNation)

Black Queer Feminist Lens

A Black Queer Feminist Lens (BQFL) allows us to see and understand that our identities make us vulnerable to multiple types of oppression. BQFL recognizes and humanizes Black bodies that have been made inferior and vulnerable within our community including queer, trans*, femme, poor, disabled and undocumented folks. With BQFL, we have carved out a lane for our organization to center historically marginalized people, and we believe it is a necessary starting point for rethinking and remaking our laws, institutions, communities, and ourselves individually and collectively as Black people.

Tips for using BQFL in BYP100:

  1. Teach members and partners the definition of BQFL, and discuss the impact BQFL has on our ability to shift the future for all Black people.
  2. Be attuned to the intersectionality of place and privilege in our work, rather than assuming that there is one checklist for “most impacted” that never includes the folks in the room.

Principled Struggle

We struggle for the sake of deepening our collective understanding and getting to greater unity. To do this, we must each commit to: Being honest and direct while holding compassion. Have side conversations and one-on-ones to help us get to better and build us up. Be responsible for our own feelings and actions. Seek deeper understanding (we ask and read first). Consider that this may not be the container to hold what you need to bring.

Freedom Forecast
Freedom Forecast

Our Pillars & Keys to Freedom

Our three core pillars towards freedom are strengthening our organizational capacity, deepening our relationships within the community, and refining our political agenda to aid in the fight for the freedom of all Black people. Each pillar has defined keys to freedom. Members can use the keys to develop stronger chapters, and build power for Black people through 2021.

Organizational Capacity

Freedom Forecast

To do our work best work, our organization must be strong, and we must have the capacity to do it. We identified four key areas to strengthen our organization.

The Keys

Key 1: Develop infrastructure for political education and leadership development.

Key 2: Adopt the Principled Struggle and use it.

Key 3: Redefine how leader-full works in your chapter and define capacity.

Key 4: Examine diverse representation and build strong and enduring ties to our local communities.

Organization Capacity Keywords: Shared strategies. Core curriculum. Paid positions. Member support. Healing and safety.

Freedom Forecast

Community Building

Freedom Forecast

We have a strong desire to build a stronger sense of community with the people from the cities our chapters reside and the current members of BYP100. We identified two key areas to deepen our community building.

The Keys

Key 1: Create space for interaction as often as possible, and build deep political trust across BYP100 membership that is rooted in Black joy and culture.

Key 2: Analyze members and the community to understand their needs, and have generative relationships among all categories of membership.

Organization Capacity Keywords: Authentic. Generative community relationships. Change material conditions for our people.

Freedom Forecast

Black Political Agenda

Freedom Forecast

Our work to center Black women and girls, gender non-conforming, non binary, queer and trans* folk is fundamental to our belief that we are the system of liberation we need to make us free. We identified five key areas to deepen our political agenda, policy, and electoral work.

The Keys

Key 1: Identify a local “bad actor” and mount a campaign to get them out of office.

Key 2: Create a local accountability system for local electeds.

Key 3: Start a no-cop community safety initiative and build alternatives to policing on a super local level.

Key 4: Create a local resource hub for aligned folks to draw on the skills and people that can help them navigate local politics.

Key 5: Collaborate with a partner organization to create an alternative system (e.g., food, housing, or economic cooperative, small scale alternative to policing).

Organization Capacity Keywords:Alternative systems. Community autonomy. Local control. Accountability.

Our Commitments

As BYP100 members, we will work in Principled Struggle to map out one key per pillar to master through 2021. Each quarter, your chapter should review these plans to celebrate victories and refine as needed. This plan is best completed as a small group brainstorm activity with leaders or members who are most interested in moving individual sections forward. Sample questions to answer.

  1. Our Organizational Capacity/ Community Building/Black Political Agenda will be strengthened in three years if we…(start from 2021 and work backwards)

  2. Who are the people best situated in our chapter to work towards achieving these goal? What leadership opportunities can we create? Who is already overcommitted?

  3. What materials or resources do we need to achieve our goals in year one?

  4. What check-in measures will we put in place?

  5. What are the first 3 things we should do it get started?